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Blaine, a rant


Out of all the characters on Glee, I have to say that Blaine is my least favorite character. Now you all might automatically assume it’s because he’s gay and I’m a homophobe, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, I think sexual orientation shouldn’t have anything to do with whether you like a character or not. I’d like to tell you the reason why I feel Blaine shouldn’t have been on the show, or at least as a regular:

Kurt and Blaine’s relationship was at it’s best in Season 2. We only saw Blaine every now and then, which gave us a peek into someone’s life we didn’t always see in every episode. But when he transferred in Season 3, I feel that was a big mistake. There were already characters in New Directions that we hadn’t learned much about like Artie and Tina, but when Blaine transferred, he was put front and center and given almost a solo every episode. Blaine also became less of a believable character and more of a perfectly concocted boyfriend for Kurt, it felt like they had no issues and everything always seemed to go perfect, which seemed unrealistic, he didn’t seem to have any flaws, and would always say the right thing to Kurt. Now, I understand that relationships for the most part are happy and great, but there are always problems, which they never really talked about or dealt with (at least with eachother) which I feel was a missed opportunity. The creators of the show did it a disservice when they so blatantly showcased Blaine and completely ignored other interesting characters that were there since season 1 and still had no background story. It kinda went overboard for me in season 3 when the announced that Blaine was a junior and Kurt was a senior. I know and you know that they were supposed to be the same age when they first met and it was a desperate move by the creative team to keep him at McKinley, because if he left, we’d be stuck with a bunch of characters in New Directions that we never really got to know and weren’t interested in because they never gave them interesting dialogue or musical performances. I will say that I did very much like the development of Kurt and Blaine in season 4, when Blaine cheated on Kurt, it finally showed a human side to Blaine and their tension throughout the series was dealt with very nicely. But again, they had to have Kurt and Blaine together, because Blaine without Kurt, is a very bland character lacking depth and heart, he was really written as a companion to Kurt and nothing else. They tried to expand his flaws and emotional side is season 4, but I was already tired of seeing the perfect guy from the past seasons so I never felt emotionally invested. 

When they broke up, I thought finally, they would give Kurt a boyfriend who challenges him, who makes him really see the world in a new way, not just a doting boyfriend who always manages to say the right thing. But like I said, the writers already invested so much with Blaine and Kurt and if Blaine was single and moved on to someone else, the viewers would be disappointed. (Darrin Criss himself stated that, “If Blaine wasn’t with Kurt, people wouldn’t like my character so much”)  

So even though they got back together and Blaine was literally the focus of every freaking musical number and storyline, he was still apart from Kurt in New York. I was really interested in how the relationship would move forward, and of course in Season 5, Blaine just happens to get accepted into NYADA, the hardest school to get into and only accepts about 20 students a year. You’re lying to yourself if you didn’t think this was strange and extremely coincidental. Now there both at NYADA, and everything seems to be perfect. Big suprise!

The final aspect to my distaste for Blaine is the acting of Darrin Criss. I’m not saying that everyone else of GLEE is an oscar-winner, but I feel when they give him dialogue that is meant to be moving, it comes off cheesy, which causes me to roll my eyes almost at every one of his scenes.

Bottom Line: Blaine had the potential to be a great interesting character, but due to the producers need to shove him down everyone’s throats for the rest of the series and make him perfect, and ignoring other actors who should have had more insight and depth before him, I feel that I cannot connect with the character. If I had it my way, Blaine should move with Sam and Mercedes when she goes back to L.A. Elliot seems like a good fit for Kurt, supportive, but not a kissass, funny, and laid-back. 


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